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How to download CryptLoad Files?

For starters, you need the program CryptLoad, which you can download at CryptLoad.info or from the link on the top of these page. The system requirements at this time are Windows XP, with .net Framework 2.0 installed or Windows Vista. In the future, you'll also be able to use the program on Mac OS and Linux.

When you've downloaded the program, you need to extract it using Winrar. There's no need to install it, you just extract it to where you want it. Every time you open the program, it checks for available updates and it updates automatically if there are. Beware: Some antivirus-programs state it contains trojans, while others, like the well-known McAfee, say it's perfectly safe to use.

Now we have the program we need, we're going to download the Cryptload Container Files, CCF's for short. You pick the series you want, if there is more than 1 season, you choose the right season as well. At the bottom of the page there are links to the Crypt-It-folders where you can download or just open the CCF's.

Now, we're going to check a few settings, for that you'll have to open the options. When we check the tab "Package", we can adjust the setting to let downloads start automatically or manually. We can also choose the standard location to save our downloads to, as well as wether we wish to download as a free or as a premium user. If you choose to download as a premium user, you'll need a premium account, either with RapidShare or MegaUpload.
If you have a premium account, you'll need to insert the data, which you can do on the tab "Plugins".
You pick the correct host you have your account with and you insert the data.

Now, the settings are done, so you can start downloading. When you open a CCF in CryptLoad, you'll get a screen where you can choose your package, like this. If you click the plus-sign, you can choose to download specific files, in stead of the entire package. First, CryptLoad will have to decrypt the CCF, untill you get a screen like this. You pick the files you wish to download, you confirm and you can start downloading. If you chose to download as a free user, you'll have to insert a code, like you have to do with MegaUpload, for instance. You'll get a pop-up on the bottom-right corner of the screen, where you see the code.

Downloading Files From MediaFire Links

Sagas will be split into parts before uploaded, to download,  click the download link at the bottom of each Saga Title and start from part 1. Your browser will redirect you to an Adf.ly link, there will be a  small delay, but it will help us keep our site running, wait for about 5 seconds then click the button "SKIP AD" at top right of browser (see image below). Remember dont extract until all parts are available in the same file.

Wait and press SKIP AD to view the mediafire link

After clicking on "SKIP AD" button, you will be redirect to a Mediafire page where you can start downloading. Have Fun :)